Which level is right for me?

Everyone learns at differing rates, so I prefer not to label my courses by year, although each level builds on the skills acquired in the previous one. As some courses are weekly and some are fortnightly, labelling them with years can give a misleading impression. For fortnightly classes, it will take 2 years to complete each level.

All the courses are “conversational” and involve plenty of speaking activity. The amount of “free“ conversation increases with each level, and according to the wishes of each group.

Classes are taught in English, and the higher levels use increasing amounts of the foreign language. At advanced level you can expect nearly the entire class to be in the language (that’s the aim, anyway!)

Every language will not be taught at every level each year, so there is flexibility built into the levels. Each group will progress at the speed the majority are comfortable with. There are no assessments.

Beginners No prior knowledge of language required: for anyone who wants to cover the complete basics.
Post-Beginners You have studied the language for 1 or 2 years, and can communicate in simple sentences in the present tense in standard holiday situations
Improvers You can communicate easily in straightforward situations, using the present, past and future tenses. Able to converse on simple topics, with some prompting.
Intermediate You have a good knowledge of the language structures and tenses, and a good range of vocabulary. Able to join in group conversations on set topics (eg. hobbies) without much prompting.
Advanced Conversational You are confident of language structures and have a wide range of vocabulary. Able to join in group discussions on current affairs etc. with very little prompting.